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This web site has been intendedly made simple and easy to read. I've avoided using colors, highly complicated design features, etc making the content as the core element of the site. I added "about me" section here.

I have graduated from Ege University, Computer Engineering (BSc) in 2004, Marmara University, Computer Engineering (MSc) in 2011. Currently, I am attending Computer Engineering PhD program in Marmara University. During my MSc and PhD program attendances, I worked at different positions, and different companies in private sector. Such roles were System Administrator, Deployment Team Leader and Operation Manager in Vodafone Turkey.

I like to spend time with Linux kernel: acutally in understanding it. I have a hobby of writing my own kernel. I actually created one named enux for my BSc project. Since then, I've had lots of attempts to improve it. But, due to lack of time, I could not continue it. Now, I believe that I need to take a more systematic approach in doing so. I've decided to start from reading Linux kernel code first. That will give me more insight, being a living and highly proven operating system kernel. Again, improving enux is just a life long hobby to me. I never intend to make it a fully functional kernel. The whole aim is to look at it from time to time and be happy for how far I've improved it.

I also like to make research in computer vision. Currently, as a part of my thesis work, I am working on remote photoplethysmography. However, I would also like to focus more on creating intelligent, if possible self-aware, conscious entities on computerized environment (if possible)

Above being said, I am deeply interested in the theories related to the root of consciousness: how it is created, how can we upload it into a computerized environment (if we can), and eventually provide eternal life. I'll also try to share my opinions on these topics.