enux (Ege uNiversity UniX) is an i386 32-bit protected-mode multi-tasking kernel project for my BSc thesis ("thesis" is not like a PhD thesis, however, we call it that way, here). It was the project for Operating Systems course and continuation of previous year's project, Zeugma by Kasim Sinan Yildirim. Zeugma was written on Windows environment with nasm assembler and C compiler. However, enux was written on Linux, supported by gcc and as assembler. enux also had floppy disk driver for loading a couple of bytes from the floopy disk without using bios interrupt 0x13h.

Since then, I had lots of attempts to continue the development of enux kernel. However, due to lack of time, I failed to add new features to the kernel. This time, I am taking a new approach. In this page, I will be providing losts of documentation related to the architecture and the know-how I get from the Linux kernel. Of course, I will describe the things simpler (11 Oct. 2021).